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Top Tips To Drone Repair

Top Tips To Drone Repair

Drones will always break down. It does not matter how careful you are with them. Newbie or expert, sooner or later, you dear flying robot will crash to the ground hence; the need for repairs. This crash landing is by far, the most common way these machines get damaged. The most common damage that follows a nasty fall is a broken wing or distorted rotor. The good news is that not all of these damages are critical. Although there is need to involve professionals when it comes to repairing these machines, there some repairs you can comfortably effect on your own.

Further Are Tips to Drone Repair

Before Anything Else

Your drone is likely to crash on the ground or on the water. When it lands on the ground, it is relatively better. But when it lands on water, you have a more serious case on your hands. Whichever the case may be, there are a few steps to take as soon as possible:

  • Quickly remove the drone’s battery as it may explode
  • If it is apparently damaged in any way, dispose of it properly
  • Test the motor to see if it is working fine.

The three steps above will help you ascertain the extent to which your quad has been damaged. Following this discovery, you will be better informed on what steps to take for the repair of your machine. We see three different possible ways to deal with any problem with your machine.

  • Let The Manufacturers Handle It

Although this comes first in this list, it is actually the last resort. Drones are relatively new, and at such does not have many experiences or certified repairers. The chances that the roadside electronics expert will further damage your drone are way higher than the chances that he will fix it. Again, manufacturers often issue a warranty which covers certain damages that come the way of your machine anytime within a given time frame. Not only will you get the best possible repairs from manufacturers, they will be free too. But they will only carry out any repairs if the damage happened as a result of any technical error from their end.

  • Let Repair Centre Handle It

This is a great option if you are outside your manufacturer’s warranty period. It is also a great choice if the cost of taking the broken drone to the manufacturer and back cost more than the free services you would have benefited. New as drones are to some areas, there are a few experts who have been licensed effect these repairs. But beware of the place you take your quad to. We recommend the manufacturers or experts licensed by these manufacturers. This is because they often have a replacement for most damaged parts.

  • DIY

The first thing to do when your drone breaks are to check if you can handle the damage by yourself. The only reason it comes in at number three here is that it is the third best choice for drone repairs. It may be the third best choice, but it is definitely the first thought. There are certain damages that a glue or screw and spanner can fix – by all means, you can do this by yourself. A friend or neighbor may help too. Depending on how techy you are, you can always fix broken parts using replacements sourced from eBay or from scrap materials.

In Conclusion

Many things can be considered when it comes to fixing a broken drone. If it is a cheap one that got damaged, outright replacement may well be the best option. If it is an expensive one, repairs are necessary – unless you have the money for another one. But before you completely replace your quad, let the technician have a look at the damage, and advise you.

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