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DJI Rumors – Industry Update


If you have been in the drone sphere for some time now, you would have noticed that DJI is one of the true giants in the industry. It is arguably the most popular manufacturer in the business. Starting at about a dozen years ago, the company has stood the test of time, growing from strength to strength over the years. Today, it is at the forefront of innovative UAV manufacturing.

In its years of existence, it has helped mankind in a lot of ways. For instance, DJI quads have helped farmers attain more impressive agricultural success. Talk about aerial monitoring of farms and all that. In videography, they have taken the lead, and even hope to help life in more area. In this article, however, we bring you up to date with the most recent developments in DJI Global products. Now and always, this Chinese brand continues to thrill the drone industry with one innovation after another. Now, we begin with the model that has had the world talking.

DJI Phantom 5

If you have been following closely, you will easily notice that the last installment by this company is the Phantom 4 Advanced (P4A) as well as the Mavic Pro. Each of these versions, as well as the ones before them, have amazing features. But nothing lasts forever in this industry. To remain relevant, brands must constantly bring something new to the market. DJI knows this perfectly well and that is the reason they have decided to rupture the market with the Phantom 5. It is going to look like the preceding Phantoms – the major differences being that it will have improvements on its gimbal, camera, battery an obstacle evasion system.

DJI Mavic S

Following a couple of pictures which the brand released some time ago, you may yet be ready to see another installment in the series. The surprise here is that only the Phantom 5 has official proof of existence as we speak. The Mavic S pictures which featured on the internet are often believed to be from prototypes of earlier models.  DJI released some pictures which many speculated might be that of a new product. The rumor spread even wider when the company acquired Spark as her new trademark name. This leaves enthusiasts with the idea that the model to expect will be DJI Mavic S (the “S” representing Spark).

Super-affordable Drones

DJI believes in quality, and oftentimes quality is expensive. DJI’s cheapest drone costs $999. Now that is pretty expensive you would say. However, there is news that the company is looking to cut the price of some if not all of their products. This will see them bring in more sales and cement their stay at the highest atmosphere in the drone sphere. To make this a reality, their technicians hope to produce even smaller models which will still have the powerful features of the mega models. Beyond the interest in dominating the market, the company hopes to make first-time users more comfortable with these smaller models before introducing them to the real deals.

In Conclusion

Being the center of attention in the drone industry, it is normal for DJI to be the subject of many DJI rumors from time to time.  Whatever it is that the company is up to, no one may know completely. But what you need to know is that the change you anticipate may come in a matter of weeks or several months or even well over a year.

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