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About Me

I am Prasad Dusane, a drone enthusiast blogger at Dronesdevil. I have my particular interest in drones and unmanned vehicles. So I have been exploring the whole internet and looking for great information about drones. Here you can see the informative article like guides and how-tos which are the experience of people. My mission is to educate people more about these drones. I live in India, but I have knowledge as well as experience in drones. I write continuously researching and writing about drones, and I have a good vision for the site. I neither want to mess with what’s already working, so get ready for some more great article from industry giants, tips from experts, technical advice from great writers and news and industry update about drones around the world Drones are everywhere, in every industry like health, agriculture, disaster, etc. and many of new drones firms are introducing. The innovation is going on and so that I intend to keep attached my followers and viewers. Please enjoy the article and get valuable information from it and let us know what you think. Also, sign up for our newsletter, so you never miss an important post. Please also contact us if you have any suggestions or feedback!