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What Are Drones Used For Today?

What Are Drones Used For Today

As technology advances in quantum leaps, life and its activities become simpler to deal with. When the Wright brothers attempted to build a flying machine that would transport humans in early 20th century, people thought they were impossible fools. Today, however, not only do we have flying machines, but portable flying machines that we can control with a simple remote. These machines are simply known as drones. Though originally almost a military property, these flying robots have found more uses in other fields of life as well. In this article, we look at the things you can do with machines; which are also called quads or quadcopters.

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1. Aerial Photography


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Chances are that you have seen some really awesome aerial views of certain cities, and marveled at the brilliance of the photographer that did the job. Well, when that happens again, do well to thank the drone that did the job; not the photographer. These machines have made it very easy for movie producers and journalists to capture impossible images and record interesting video clips at unimaginable angles. For journalists, these machines help them produce videography of otherwise dangerous areas such as radioactive sites, battle lines and more. One other remarkable use of these quads in aerial photography was the 2014 Winter Olympics. They helped capture all the action during skiing and snowboarding.


2. Shipping of Items


what are drones used for today

Now the government does not like the idea of having unmanned drones flying everywhere in the airspace. Perhaps the concern is about the likelihood of crashes and aerial obstruction. Whatever the government things is certainly no what the major beneficiaries of this technology think. For Amazon, DHL and other major shipping companies, the idea of having quads deliver purchased packages over short distances is a very exciting one. Buyers will also be thrilled to have a flying machine deliver their packages too. Imagine the excitement that little kid will get when his birthday gift arrives from the air. Unthinkable!


3. Disaster Management


what are drones used for today

When disaster strikes, it is natural to launch a swift rescue mission. Many times, however, the people who try to rescue others end up getting hurt or even killed in the process. For this reason and others, it has become very important that drones be used before humans move in. In the event of an earthquake, for instance, a small drone can fly into the wreck and provide video assessment of the damage which will help in strategizing a perfect rescue plan. Additionally, it can be used to drop supplies to people who call for help when stuck in a certain situation such as in the middle of the sea, desert and more. Very clearly, this reduces the resources that would normally be wasted on manned helicopters.


4. Wildlife Monitoring


what are drones used for today

There are a thousand and one reasons to monitor wildlife. Think about all the beautiful videos we view on National Geographic. They won’t be a reality without close monitoring of these animals. But while mounted cameras do most of this job, quads make for a better alternative because they provide better viewing experience as they are able to capture images and videos from the most improbable angles. Apart from closely observing the behavior of these animals without spooking them, this technology helps detect and deal with poachers.


5. Fun and Entertainment


what are drones used for today

To be honest, drones are a relatively recent invention. chances are that you, reading this article right now may not have known about drones for up to 5 years or at all. SInec it is new, many people – young and old – are acquiring them just for the fun of having to control a flying machine. It brings out the pilot in you, so to say.

Summarily, the reasons you need to buy a drop range far more than the ones discussed here. Farmers have applied it in agriculture, intelligence agencies use it in crime detection, and the military uses it in warfare and more.

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