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4 Most Hi Tech Drone In The Market

4 Most Hi Tech Drone In The Market

From being used for only military operation and as weapons of warfare, the world has so far enjoyed an evolution of drones into every sphere of the economy. From health to security to economic planning to even sports, these machines have come to stay. On their part, manufacturers have not rested on their oars in releasing improved versions with more advanced technology to already existing versions for the sophistication of the atmosphere vehicles. Now let’s allow you take a peek into this new world of the most sophisticated quads on the globe and what sets them apart from all other models and its predecessors. In no particular order, do enjoy.

Here are the Most Hi-Tech Drone


4 Most Hi Tech Drone In The Market

DJI SPARK is an all-in-one feature of most DJI signature technologies and is the newest DJI in the market. Flying at 98feet in the air and at a 164-foot radius, it has been a source of amazement for drone enthusiasts. It automatically takes off from operator’s hand and gets into ‘gesture mode’ which allows for control by mere hand gestures. With just the wave of a hand, it goes up to its highest possible height. Its major improvement from previous models is halving its size and weight than the already slim DJI Mavic.

  • It has about 25minutes flight time and up to 40minutes battery life.
  • It also has the Tap fly, Follow Me and other mode operating functions of the DJI series.
  • Gesture control that incorporated movement of the drone.
  • Sensors to detect and avoid obstacles when moving in any direction.
  • A remote control that extends the battery life and range to over a mile and up its top speed to 31miles per hour.

Although these are similar to DJI Phantom 3, it is by far more portable considering its features, and due to its lesser weight and ease of transport.


2. Droidworx SKIJIB Airframe

4 Most Hi Tech Drone In The Market

Nicknamed The Hollywood Heavy Lifter, it has been used in so many blockbuster productions of eccentric filming and photography. It is an 8-propeller drone (octocopter) with each blade up to 15’’. It uses the Skijib to haul Canon 5D markIII and Red Epic cinema camera to capture videos for TV, documentaries, sports and lots more. It can carry a payload up to 5kg with about 15minutes flight time.

  • Features Anti-vibration isolator gimbal mount that takes high-quality pictures and videos
  • Features mission control system that provides telemetry data on the state of the drone
  • Features high titanium component that gives a more neutral and industrial appearance.

This is indeed one pick if you’re most interested in professional photography and cinematography.


3. Yuneec Typhoon H480

4 Most Hi Tech Drone In The Market

Among the current releases from Yuneec is the most popular advanced hi tech drone of its line of products. Providing stunning aerial videos and photos of 1080p at 30flashes per second, this model has a range of 1.6km of integrated video downlink. In comparison to its predecessor (Typhoon Q500), it has a faster processor, wider field of view and a big gas sensor. Reaching around 400feet in altitude, it has an angle and smart mode which makes piloting much simpler even to beginners and has the ability to be connected to 2 remote controllers; one being the master controller for viewing the aerial shots and the wizard controller for directing the drone while in the air.

  • Has 5 modes of flight: Orbit Me; Point of Interest; Journey; Follow Me/Watch Me, and Curve Cable cam models.
  • Has collision avoidance system and 5-rotor Fail Safe mode for device safety in air
  • Has a maximum speed of 13.5m/s at the rate of climb of 16ft/s while amassing up to 400ft.


4. Parrot Bebop 2 Hi-tech drone

With a 14megapixel camera and 1080p resolution that captures video at 30fps, the Parrot BeBop is one of the fewest hi tech drones that gives DJI models a chase in advancement and market demands. Its major drawback is that it does not record sound. However, the Parrot Bebop 2 drone compensates for this with its quality viewing that eliminates any abnormality (or instability) in footage through its anti-vibration algorithm. With its sky controller, you have a range of 1.2miles going at a speed of 31mph which is twice its predecessors (the AR drone). Its App works on iPhones, iPads, Android or Windows by connecting using WIFi to display a live feed from the camera.

  • It has a joystick that works very well especially indoors as well for maneuvering obstacles without trouble.
  • It uses digital stabilization and can adjust the angle of the camera independently of the motion of the drone.
  • The quality of the video is decent, especially with its FishEye lens.
  • It comes with a rear flash LED for better visibility.
  • Has an emergency function that automatically stops the propellers and lands the drone safely.

For all their worth, the more sophisticated this hi tech drone get, the more expensive it becomes to procure them. However, for optimum professional photography and videography, they worth every cent you pay for them.

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