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5 Top Cheap Drones That You Can Afford

The expense of different drones these days have been the hindrance to most persons on obtaining Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Even for lower prices, there still seems to be the skepticism on quality (call it the ‘cheaper the poorer’ mentality). Nevertheless, the present market has brought up affordable and top cheap drones with wholesomely improved packages to give you a bit more for less than in previous times. Well, here’s just a bit of handpicked cheap yet quality laden drones you can obtain in the market. It’s however advisable you get yourself an extra battery for flight-time to be more prolonged.

List of Some Top Cheap Drones

1. Hubsan X4 H107 ($39.9- $49.9)


top cheap drones


This is the beginner’s choice for drones of this range. It comes with a 2MP camera suited for indoor and outdoor flight even with minimal amount of wind due to ts small size. It weighs about 50grams (when with battery and 40grams when without) with a frame made of plastic. It comes with rubber gears that absorb impact on landing the drone after use (just like Syma and DJI Phantom 3 that have long-lasting gears). It has Normal and Expert modes that aids controlling the drone depending on if you’re an expert or not (moderating its speed in Normal mode).


Its controls allow you maneuver the air with precision with a video resolution of 720p recording at 35 flashes per second. It is an impressive drone compared to its inexpensive range, making easy photography achievable for flying.


2. UDI U818A (within $100)


Some experts have acclaimed this the cheapest quality drone, operating a WiFi connection to its smartphone link to itself, the UDI U818A is easy to handle and extremely durable with a 2MP camera of 720p (now upgraded to 1080p) and recording at 30fps. It spots a Headless mode which if activated allows the pilot fly without the need of knowing which direction it faces. It makes a good low-cost quadcopter having 4 safety-protected propellers and impact resistant plastic parts that make it durable and easy to repair.




One of the drones within $200 range that allows you have high-quality videos and pictures (resolution at 720p) controlled by a smartphone. It allows sharing of clips and pics live via social networking apps while still in flight. Weighing 4pounds, it has an autopilot feature that allows the operator enjoying recording without bothering much about controlling. Its ability to hover and its general high build quality makes it worth spending this amount of money.


4. CHEERSON CX-20 (North of $200)

This auto—pathfinder quadcopter resembles one from the DJI Phantom series with good design and builds quality weighing 5.7pounds. It has a Return Home function that would save beginners the trouble of landing after the flight. While videoing, it can maintain a steady altitude with smooth forward, backward and sideward transitions with good speed enough to thrill speedsters.

It has a Low-voltage protection level which could land the drone within 1-2minuteson low voltage. It can as well record on 1080p at 30fps with a spotted camera.

5. DJI PHANTOM 2 (slightly above $300)


And lastly, the domineering of the drone world, this DJI model is one of the powerful quadcopter releases with a WiFi stream and gimbals V2.0 for maximum flight. It is unbelievably easy to fly, weighing about 9pounds with an integrated GPS autopilot system that offers position holding, altitude lock and stable hovering that allows you to focus attention on shooting great videos and still images. It has a resolution up to 1080p and a 12MP camera for the live feed. It is definitely one obtaining at its price. Never hard to see why DJI have always dominated the industry right.


The choice of the drone as regard its affordability can be ascribed to any of the few above if you have a budget within $40-$400. Make your best choice and do not let affordability hinder you from that UAV experience!


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